Welcome to Dynamic Wealth Management, your source for sound investment counsel and financial strategies! We cater to the specific needs of those who are already retired or are nearing retirement.

The decisions you must make just before and then during retirement are critical to your financial well-being. Don’t leave these decisions to chance or something you read in a magazine or online. We can help you clarify your goals, assess your options and create a plan so that your retirement years can be truly golden.

There are two primary ways where an advisor can add value and improve your chances for success. They are:

1) Determining the most appropriate financial strategies for your situation.

2) Determining the investment strategies suited for your investment comfort level that also help you achieve your financial goals within your stated risk tolerance.

Financial Strategies–By employing the right financial strategies, we have helped our clients utilize tax efficient and cost effective strategies that are designed to control expenses wherever possible.  We would like to offer similar strategies to you.

Investment Strategies– Investment Strategies have to do with HOW to invest to earn your desired rate of return. This involves portfolio structure and composition as well as techniques that take advantage of market mechanics.  It includes knowing how to hedge against losses, and how to identify the types of investments that are suited to your risk tolerance and goals.  While hedging strategies involve additional costs and they do not eliminate risk, they offer one approach to investing that is designed to mitigate risk while still enabling you to participate in the market.

Many advisors today are not involved in the day-to-day management of money. Instead, they are asset gatherers who farm out the management of your assets to other managers or to pre-packaged products. We do not farm out the management of our clients’ accounts in this way. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognize and adapt to the changing financial environment and help our clients pursue their financial goals. As our name implies, we are DYNAMIC!

We do our own research and employ multiple investment strategies. We focus on strategies that are designed to limit exposure to market risk.  Importantly, the success of our strategies is NOT dependent on a strong or even upward trending stock market.  Our goal is to seek positive returns in all market environments, although positive returns cannot be guaranteed.

The global financial system has embarked on a new chapter that is quite unlike anything in the past. In order to meet these challenges, you need an advisor who is DYNAMIC, who has foresight and vision and who understands how to navigate the changing tides. We invite you to do as our clients have done ….. GO DYNAMIC!

Advisory Services offered through Dynamic Wealth Advisors Inc.,  a Registered Investment Advisor.

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