Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

We manage investment portfolios on a fee basis.  Assets are held at T.D. Ameritrade in each client’s name and fees are deducted directly from the accounts on a quarterly basis based on the account value at the end of each quarter.  The maximum fee charged is 1.5% (0.375% of the account value each quarter = 1.5% annually).  The fee is reduced at various levels based on the amount managed, with the rate being only 1.0% for amounts over $1 million.

There are generally no commissions or charges for trades to buy or sell Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

In order to manage accounts efficiently, we have constructed various investment models.  These models are managed on a discretionary basis, meaning that we execute the buys and sells without the need to call each client.  Instead, each model has a charter that describes the types of investments that are suitable for that model and the maximum proportion that each investment will represent within the model.

All clients in a model will own substantially the same investments in the same proportion as other clients in the same model.  Variations between clients may occur due to when an account was opened and/or the size of the account.

Which Model or Models should you invest in? 

As part of the planning process, we spend time getting to know you and help you determine and prioritize your financial goals.  We also take into consideration how each decision will impact your income taxes and estate plan.  Once we have determined the appropriate financial strategies, then we consider which investment model or models will be most appropriate to your goals and investment comfort level.   

Advisory Services offered through Dynamic Wealth Advisors Inc.,  a Registered Investment Advisor.

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