Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

If you are already retired, you realize the importance of having your money work effectively for you.

This has become especially difficult in a period of very low interest rates. Where can you turn for investment ideas and strategies that offer potential returns without 100% exposure to market risk?

Bonds have enjoyed decent returns in recent years, but now pay lower interest rates and would lose value if inflation were to increase. Some investors have turned to various types of annuities to reduce risk of loss and still try and meet their financial goals, but the high costs and limitations of annuity contracts are sometimes too great and the guaranteed returns have decreased over time.

This has led many to invest in the stock market either through mutual funds or individual stocks, but the volatility of the stock market can make it a difficult place to invest for many retirees who cannot afford to take much risk.

Managing investment portfolios is something we take great pride in. Because the majority of our clients are retired, we are typically very conservative in the way we manage. We do not farm out the management of our client’s assets to someone else. This allows us to utilize investment strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients and to employ unique strategies not normally available to retail investors. Blending multiple investment strategies is often an overlooked method for reducing portfolio risk. To learn more about these strategies, we invite you to attend one of our free workshops.

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